OURizona Turquoise Vinyl Decal


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6.5″ x 4.5″ oval decal made of UV resistant vinyl

Arizona is the largest producer of turquoise in this country. Most collectors consider U.S. turquoise to be among the worlds finest, with Arizona having the best blue turquoise. Even though turquoise is a mineral, because it occurs naturally in the earth’s crust, a turquoise crystal can be cut and polished, to form a gemstone, or just gem, for short. Turquoise gems are then used to make jewelry and for the ornamentation of decorations.This mineral is of great importance culturally and religiously to the Navajo people, of which Arizona has the largest population. According to the Navajo, turquoise exhibits happiness, luck, health and appeases the Wind Spirit. Blue, green and yellow are the color combinations that can be found in turquoise, with black, white, red and brown, being the colors that can be found in the stones veins. These colors are important because they represent colors in the natural world. The Apache believed that turquoise filled a pot at the end of a rainbow. Turquoise shades are as follows, strong sky to robin egg blue, blue, bluish green, green and yellowish green. The blues are caused by copper, and the greens are caused by molecules of zinc and iron. Many people do not realize that all-red turquoise is dyed and does not occur naturally. Show your Arizona pride and love for this gem of a gem with the purchase of this great decal.

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