Sex in a Tent


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Get ready for the big O — everything you need to get outside and get it on! looking for ways to heat up your love life? Sex in a tent will show you how to toss aside your bed sheets and discover your wild side outside. You’ll find it’s good for your sex life—and your relationship too! In this penetrating guide to what really goes on behind the tent flap (or under a tree, or in a canoe), Author Michelle Waitzman reveals her tips from her years of experience “playing the field” in the backcountry.filled with illustrations, positions, games, tricks, and stories from dozens of outdoor lovers, this book will inspire you to leave your bedroom behind in favor of the orgasmic opportunities for love, sex, and adventure in the great outdoors.“ i don’t know how i ever had sex in a tent without this guide! Essential.”— susie bright“smart and funny.”— rosie fernandez, canadian broadcasting corporation