Pablo Picaso Short Biography


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A Pocket-Sized Short Biography of Pablo Picasso in an Elegant Hardcover Edition. Arguably one of the most influential artists in the world, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) led a life with epic appetites for art, experiences, and women. His art reads like a storyboard of his life–each period expressing responsiveness and exploration. Picasso came from an artistic family. His father, an art professor and painter, guided Pablo’s art training. Picasso began receiving honors at an early age. Each of his tumultuous relationships with women coincided with a new period of artistic experimentation. Throughout his life, he revolutionized the art world, creating in paint, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and poetry. The Short Biographies series from Applewood’s Benna Books imprint features short, intriguing, and entertaining biographies of world-renowned figures.
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Author: Applewood books.
Format: hardcover.
Series: short biographies.

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