OURizona Lemonade Vinyl Decal


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I don’t know too many people who dislike a refreshing glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. I, myself, have picked lemons off an Arizona grown lemon tree and made my own glorious lemonade. Many people question why lemonade was chosen as the state beverage of Arizona. The answer that makes the best sense , to me, is that Arizona’s founding economy was based on the “Five C’s”, – citrus, cattle, cotton, copper and climate. At one time, Arizona grown grapefruit production was ranked number one, in the entire country, and the production of oranges was ranked number two. Today, Florida, California and Texas have eclipsed Arizona, for those two citrus crops. Arizona is ranked 2nd in the U.S., after California, in lemon production and 3rd in the country for tangerines. That makes lemon production, Arizona’s NUMBER ONE CITRUS. Did you know that a lemon tree can produce up to 3X’s as many lemons as a naval orange tree can produce oranges?, Now that you want to plant your own lemon tree, the two best lemon trees to grow, in our desert climate, are the Eureka and the Lisbon. The Eureka produces great lemons that contain few seeds and are not prone to fall off the tree very easily. The Lisbon is a great choice, as well. It is nicely suited for desert climates and grows well during winter. So, don’t be a sourpuss. Pucker up and show your Arizona pride, with this great decal.

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