OURizona Bolo Tie Vinyl Decal


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This Southwestern style of necktie has a spelling discrepancy. Many people call it a bolo tie, while others call it a bola tie, including members of the Bola Tie Society of Arizona. Their reasoning is that the correct spelling of the tie should be bola because a bolo is a machete-like knife, that is of Filipino origin. Over the last few years, the bola/bolo tie has come back into fashion. There are also a couple of discrepancies as to the origin of this unique tie. The first, is a story that a silversmith from Wickenburg, Arizona invented it in the late 1940’s. Even if he didn’t invent it, he did later have the slide design patented. The second, is the belief that it was first fashioned by Native American artisans and appeared much earlier. That being said, with all of these discrepancies, there should be no discrepancy on whether or not you should purchase this awesome Arizona pride decal.

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