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A Pocket-Sized Short Biography of Frida Kahlo in an Elegant Hardcover Edition. Frida Kahlo was so intensely introspective that she rarely painted anything other than herself. Her physical body was wracked with pain and disfigurement. She turned her image into metaphors for the universe, the world, love, politics, sorrow, despair, even a mirror to ourselves. Her lifelong passionate love with Diego Rivera, another enormously skilled painter, fueled her passions. Her iconic style of environment and dress have only underscored her surreal paintings and created an indelible brand for the cult of Kahlo. The Short Biographies series from Applewood’s Benna Books imprint features short, intriguing, and entertaining biographies of world-renowned figures. Each beautiful hardcover book includes an interesting retelling of a single person’s life, suitable for young adults and adults alike.
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Author: Applewood books.
Format: hardcover.
Series: short biographies.

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