Finished Canvas 16×20

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Mama Bee, White Rabbit, Knit Knit Hooray, A Witch's Choice, Summer Love Birds, Springtime Fawn, Bud Vase Blooms, Modern Fleur De Lis, Fuji In Spring, Pedal Power, Simple Sloth, Starry Eve, An Evening in Paris, Whimsical Tree, Stained Glass, NYC Night Skyline, Dandelion Trio, Wish, Mama Bear, Believe in Dreams, Rockets Red Glare, Do What Makes You Happy, Because of the Brave, Fiery Romance, Love Grows Here, The Shriek, Anchor, Hook, Line and Sinker, Ice Cold Lemonade, Hot Air Adventure, You're A Gem, Mother and Child Silhouette, Ribbon Of Hope, Dancing Duo, Doggone It, Land That I Love, Beach Walkers, Butterfly Silhouete, Sand and Sunglasses, Gone Fishing, Our Nest, Mardi Gator, Star Gazing, Garden Gnomes, Bessie, Cherry Blossoms, Owl Babies, Vienna Van Goat, Uncle Sam's hat, Freedom Script, Delicious Cupcake, Night Out, Mr. McCaw, Sandhill Crane, Orange Tree, Desert Horse II, Plumeria, Feather Your Nest, Freedom Flag, Starry Snowman, Father Christmas, Buffalo Plains, Colorful Wolf, A Time to Gather, All You Need, Free Hayride, Woody Car, Creepy Cemetary, Spreading Cheer, Autumn Waterfall, Happy Fall, Harvest Moon, Love You To The Moon, You Are My Sunshine, Bourbon, Bridge Over Lilies, Cheers to Love, Scoops Galore, Wine For Two, Unicorn, Rustic Valentines, Cool Cats 1, Quilt Barn, Delicate Dandelions, Arctic Aurora, Field Flowers, Vintage Coupe, Proud Eagle, Coastal Lighthouse, Mighty Mountains, The Emerald Isle, Kitty in Paris, Reflections of Fall, Custom Landscape, Floral Home Wreathe, Pretty in Pink, Evening Stroll, Jazz Ensemble 1, Poppy Trio, Mother Hen, Rustic Cross, Custom Landscape 2, Mermaid Dreams, Sunset Palms, Custom Butterfly, Northern Lights (Sample), Beached Boat, Changing Seasons, Floral Study 1, Twilight Bridge, Midnight in London, Flower Burst, Dolphin Wave, Cactus in Bloom, African Sunset 1, Tuscan Landscape, Northern Lights, Evening in the Bayou, Snow on the Pines, African Sunset 2, Desert Horses 1(Sample), Watercolor Rose