Create with Clay Dinosaurs Kit


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Art, adventure, science and fun all combined for the perfect STEM experience. Bring three dinosaurs to life by molding and covering them with colorful clay. This kit includes three plastic dinosaur skeletons (T-Rex 2-1/4″w x 3-3/4″h x 5-3/8″l, Triceratops 1-5/8″w x 2″h x 5-3/4″l and Stegosaurus 1-5/8″w x 2-1/4″h x 5-3/4″l), five clay colors in red, blue, green, yellow and purple (50g each), modeling tools and wiggly eyes. Use the leftover clay to make even more creatures or plants. Dinosaurs allow children to both learn and fantasize about prehistoric times through play. Fun dinosaur facts also included. For age 5 and up.