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Chat Pack™ Favorites contains 156 cards, each one featuring a question guaranteed to spark an instant conversation about one of your favorite things! The perfect pastime for adults and kids alike, Chat Pack™ Favorites will have everyone talking and laughing in no time––just pull out a card and let the fun begin!


Road trips and vacations
Family gatherings
Educational activities
Fun with friends
156 stylized cards, 3/75″ x 3″ x 1.25″ plastic case

How to Play
Pick any card in the deck at any time; there is no particular order to the questions. Feel free to reword or alter any question in the pack. Each question is simply a starting point; take it in any direction you desire. Try to avoid one-word answers. Instead, expand on your answers as often as you can, allowing the question to lead into a full-blown conversation.

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